Mixed media

Beginning of Mixed Media….

I choose to paint in abstraction -it has no limit or boundary providing infinite possibilities.

In silence, where there is no time and space, or linearity, where there is access to all in the oneness, my muse guides me. In alignment and centeredness, a shower of inspiration and ideas comes over me that guides me every step of the way.  At times, the paintbrush goes into the wrong bucket that carries a color never intended to be used in the piece, bringing it to life in a magical way; as though a teacher puts the final touch on to complete the piece.

I painted two pieces a few years ago.  When completed, I asked my son what he thought of them. He said: “they remind me of a rainy day in Paris.” A year later, I painted another piece and asked a designer the same question and she said: “it reminds me of a rainy day in Paris.”  I visited Paris for the first time after these pieces had been created.  When I arrived I knew I had been there before.