The Alphabet from the Tablet

To be a human being means to be of multi-layers, which the material world dominates these days.  So much that he or she can hardly gain access to it.

I was profoundly inspired by the 15th century philosopher and poet; Suhravardi, founder of the School of Illumination.  I created a new series of calligraphy using Japanese Sumi ink and a hand made pen.  I drew on top of a board covered in bees wax, creating words, which came to me in a meditative state.  It is in this state, I find access to a deeper and greater level than thought it self.  I drew forms of the alphabet that are the symbols from my being.

As Suhravardi states:

“In every ones being there is a tablet, the tablet of one’s being is nothing other than a reflection of primordial tablet.

The words inscribed upon the preserved tablet are also to be found in the cosmos and upon the tablet of one’s being”.

“Whoever understands the spiritual significance of this alphabet will attain nobility and constancy thereby.”

“Whoever does not know this alphabet, those secrets of Grace Words which one should know will not be grasped by him.”

Excerpt from “The Chant Of Gabriel Wing” by Suhravardi